Dual Flute Wrapper

DFW-1000 dual fluter wrapper provides a minimal profile wrapped balloon for catheter manufacturing. It has a top-loading, pivoting catheter platform to precisely control
positioning of the catheter for both fluting and wrapping operation. The DFW-1000 is PLC-controlled with multiple storage programming configurations. It has password lockout protection and a heater burnout detection feature. It precisely controls individual blade temperature, closed and open diameter, and dwell time. Custom-designed and interchangeable fluting and wrapping modules accommodate a wide range of balloon diameters and lengths


  • Easily programmable using the touchscreen

  • PLC-controlled with program storage

  • Top-loading, pivoting catheter platform for precise

    positioning and ease of use

  • Interchangeable fluting and wrapping modules

  • Accommodates a wide range of balloon diameters

    and lengths