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SYNEO (pronounced syn-e’-o) denotes synergy in product integration and innovation in technology. We are an engineering-centric organization that takes pride in creating manufacturing solutions that generate positive outcomes for our customers and our employees.

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SYNEO History

SYNEO is the product of the 2011 merger of two industry peers – ASG Medical Systems and Technical Innovations – combining medical manufacturing automation and precision hole making expertise into a single entity. SYNEO is a machine automation and tooling services company that is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida USA, with manufacturing locations in Florida and Angleton, Texas and forward-deployed sales and service offices in Galway, Ireland, and Shenzhen, China.

SYNEO Medical Manufacturing

SYNEO’s medical manufacturing products and services focus on solving some of the largest manufacturing problems for some of the smallest of minimally-invasive device applications. SYNEO machinecutting tool, and contract manufacturing services target the automation of cutting, feeding, slitting, flaring, grinding, skiving, printing, punching, assembly, and hole drilling of device components such as catheters and guide wires as well cutting and coring applications of human tissue.

SYNEO PCB Assembly Manufacturing

SYNEO’s PCB Assembly manufacturing equipment and process automation machine solutions target advanced, manual and automatic connector pressing needs for high-force and high-precision compliant pin connector applications. SYNEO’s Accu-Press servo-electric press machines bring enhanced levels of control and force measurement that improve efficiency and yields in the manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards.