Balloon Manufacturing Technologies

At MMT, we understand the challenges and intricacies of balloon catheter manufacturing which is why we provide precision solutions that can meet the demands of today’s minimally invasive interventional procedures using balloon catheter systems.  We have the solutions for your balloon manufacturing challenges – achieve the lowest profile size, increased inflation and deflation times, and precision trackability.  

Balloon Forming

Our Balloon Forming equipment is designed with an innovative heating system that provides even heating and faster cycle times, empowering customers to increase production capacity without sacrificing quality. 

MPT BFMS 500s2
The Split Mold Balloon Forming Machine (BFMS-500- S2) has full servo control on the proximal and distal axis.

The Balloon Forming Machine (BFM-500-S2) has full servo control on the proximal and distal axis.

Interface BFM 3310

The Interface BFM-3310 Balloon Forming Machine is a computer-controlled system that expands upon a continued standard of excellence with ever-increasing capabilities and options.

Balloon pleating & Folding

Wrap your balloon to the lowest possible profile with our precision pleating and folding or dual flute wrapping equipment.  

Parison Stretching

Stretch or neck down tube parisons in preparation for the balloon forming processes with our precision parison stretching equipment line.  Uniform stretched tubing with repeatable results increases thruput.  

Stent Crimping

Whether you’re manufacturing drug eluting stents – bioabsorbable stents – self expandable stents  our flexible stent crimping systems allow you to successfully crimp stents onto the distal end of a balloon catheter after it is pleated and folded.  

Bonding & Welding

Our machines provide accurately controlled heat to perform various tube-to-tube and balloon-to-tube bonds/welds with increased speed and accuracy.  

Marker Band Swaging

Precision tracking is key to successfully navigating and deploying a balloon catheter through a patient.  Adhering marker bands to a balloon catheter requires high performance equipment to achieve a smooth bond with no striations. Our technology was developed with patient well being in mind.  


Pressure leak testing is an essential step in the manufacturing process of balloon catheters. The pressure leak test verifies that no leaks exist between the balloon and the catheter body by pressurizing the balloon with air until its integrity is compromised. We develop our precision equipment with patient well-being in mind.
GPL-501B: Gas Pressure Leak Tester
GPL-5020: Gas Pressure Leak Tester
HPT-1000: Hydraulic Pressure Tester
PT-3070: Hydraulic Pressure Tester